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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Matahari Style at Clare Island

We are delighted to welcome Matahari Style to our Community on Clare Island. Stunning gowns, elegant dresses and pretty outfits are what Matahari Style is known for in both worlds. Pop on over and have a look at these stunning clothes.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sun Sea Sand Bikinis..

Its certainly getting much warmer now. Will not be long until Summer is here. So i thought I would tell you about this cute little bikini by POSH Beachwear.  Every girl will look amazing in this little number. There are many more styles so go visit the store at Clare Island Eirinn..


Friday, 23 March 2012

Sirens Call

Today the weather in the UK is delightful so I decided to go exploring our Virtual World. I want to tell you about this lovely Region.  Poseidon is Home to Sirens a Live Music venue. Its a beautiful build one you really should explore. Its Owner Tiggs Beaumont is the a lovely lady and works tirelessly to promote Inworldz. She holds regular live music events and features many of SLs premier artists. In Tiggs own words * I love company* so make sure to take time to visit Sirens.

Sirens Poseidon

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air

Today has been a lovely day here, Spring is on the air, daffodils abound and finally we can see the sun.

Clare Island Eirinn, Is my Authentic Irish Seaside town. It has been built with great attention to detail, this unique seaside community is home to several stores and MolliMalones Irish bar.  Why not pop on over and take a look, don't miss the beach with its quaint beach huts. Take a wander round the harbour and rest a while at the cafe, or sample the Jellied eels at the Fish and chip shop.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spare a Moment!

Today I was talking to  a wonderful human being, here she may be an Avatar but she is also a person. Her name is  Fayandria UaNeill, and Fay I am delighted to say landed in my Virtual Life recently. Fay is on a mission and I for one support her. 

I quote:

"I discovered InWorldz from reading a friends profile that had moved over here; I decided to try it. It is amazing and I now call it my virtual home but, to the point. I am a Relayer and I need to draw a battle line and fight cancer where ever I am! It is fighting the good fight on one of thousands of battle lines with cancer drawn in every city, town, or hamlet. But, I want to fight cancer right here, on this battle line called InWorldz. I join my voice with yours - we must fight cancer wherever it is found. I want to volunteer for battle please."

Fay will forgive me for paraphrasing. BUT she is right Trust me you will get to know this Ladys name of that I have no doubt. So please take note of the title of my Post and SPARE A MOMENT.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Art & Enjoy!

ART, I can I suppose be considered by some an authority on Art, so I was delighted to find this wonderful region by Alizarin Goldflake. Acquarella: After the Apocalypse, Opened in October 2011. On The Acquarella Sim can be found,  "Requiem for Fukushima" it is a dramatic build of sinister beauty commemorating the Fukushima diaster in Japan.  Housed inside an iconic pyramid shell, it contains strangely-glowing plants, flames, billowing smoke, and burning cinders amid the coastal rocks.  This is a joy to find, Alizarin has created a superb installation of  Kinetic Sculptures and Immersive Art. Try changing your Windlight settings and explore. It is quite breath taking, please take sometime to have a look you will be blown away.


Requiem for Fukushima 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Is He or Isn't He?

Today has been a busy day RL for me, full of interesting challenges. Its got me thinking about things set to amaze in Virtual Worlds. One of those is my friend Soapy Smith. A veritable character, based on the RL character of Jefferson Randolph Smith II a famous Gambler, Swindler, Perhaps the most famous Con Man of the Wild West.  Why do these *Old* Heros hold such mystique and often a place in our hearts. Soapy is one such character. The question is! Is He or Isn't He.

Soapy Smith

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Virtual Versus Real

Well back to Reality or is that Virtuality, Is that a word, if not I am adopting it. Today we have finished putting the final touches to Yukon Valley. I am very proud of this region in Inworldz. This wonderful Mountain Valley has been built with care and attention to detail. It boasts a meandering stream bursting with wildlife, which flows out to sea. Its home to many Mountain Flora and Fawna. Take a wander along the banks of the Mountain stream, there are many delights to behold from Herons stalking salmon to rabbits at play. Listern carefully and you may just hear the night call of an owl. This is a quiet peaceful unique community set in an unrivalled location. But then I would say that as I built it..

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Big Yin

Today I deviate from my usual Virtual World posts, as today RL takes over. I am off to London to take part in the Press Launch of our latest new Artist... The One the Only Billy Connorly. Tonight we present Billys art to the world. This is going to be an exciting time.  Hair done, dress picked, Celeb glasses in the bag, not a camera in sight............Bring it on!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Old World, New World...

Having spent a good few years in Secondlife in search of the perfect avatar, I think I have done quite a good job. So Inworldz presents its own challenges. Clothes go unchanged, hair goes unwashed and shoes don't wear out... No not strictly true. Inworldz is starting to attract several of SL top names, Emotions, Damselfly, Pulse, Redgrave and many new talents.  So don't feel you will suffer too many withdrawal symptoms. Granted I shop far less, some say that is a good thing, My inventory for one is much smaller, in Sl my hair folder, Yes I finally got round to putting it all in a folder, is probably bigger than my inventory in Inworldz. Oh how I yearn for the Haute Couture of SL, but I am happy for now to lead a far simpler life. OK! so some may say its vain, but I like vain, show me a girl who doesn't own many pairs of shoes, here we just own less. The picture here shows what you can achieve with a little patience and far less Lindens.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Clare Island Eirinn

Clare Island Eirinn, Inworldz, I am extremely proud of this place, it is arguably one of the finest regions in Inworldz. Clare Island is an authentic Irish seaside town. Clare has been built by my great friend Veronika Garzo. Veronika comes from SL, she is the owner of Tekstuff, SLs leading stream supplier. She also is the creator behind Exotique skins and shapes and much more. I was thrilled that she agreed to build Clare, an honour for me.  The town is based around the pretty harbour, the feature of which is the Schumann Bridge a sight to behold. The town square boasts the only town clock showing four time zones. Here you will find MolliMalones my Irish pub, were you will find a warm welcome from our Barmaid Clair and always a cold Guiness. The terrace over looking the sea with its fairy lights is one of the prettiest sights to see. We often have live music shows there and its a great warming Irish atmosphere. While over at Clare visit the many shops, very different from your usual Malls. Down on the beach you will find the Cafe and Fish and Chip shop, another first for Inworldz. There is so much to see at Clare why not pop over and see for yourself. 
Clare Island Eirinn INW

Friday, 9 March 2012

Baptism of Fire, or creation of a Noob

Today I have been thinking about how I arrived in Inworldz. This is a very different virtual world from Secondlife. On arrival you rezz as a noob! yup complete with orange hair, boobs red top and purple trousers. Promptly still in shock you are greeted by a *Mentor*. It best to allow this kind person to take you to the welcome centre to get you kitted out in freebies. A Mentors job can be a thankless task but they are all genuine friendly people, despite Crys of * I am a guy why do I have boobs*. When you recover from the shock, bearing in mind *you* have probably spent years and not inconsiderable Lindens in making yourself the height of perfection, you will find this world welcomes you with open arms. What people actually talk to you, and don't seem to have a hidden agenda or axe to grind. Yes!! and again Yes!  if you can over look the odd glitch, bodies folding in half, inventories getting *stuck* and No physics, God folks make such a fuss about having Physics. You will find this World will embrace you and take you to its heart.. Now I really do need to find more hair. To be continued

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

How did I get here?

Well here I am, what is it all about, I am still trying to work it out.  This is my Blog, about my time in Virtual Worlds, Where I have been, Where I am now and Where I may go...  I have met many incredible people during this time, I have seen many awe inspiring things, and now feel its time to share. My Thoughts, My Musings, My Visions..