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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Old World, New World...

Having spent a good few years in Secondlife in search of the perfect avatar, I think I have done quite a good job. So Inworldz presents its own challenges. Clothes go unchanged, hair goes unwashed and shoes don't wear out... No not strictly true. Inworldz is starting to attract several of SL top names, Emotions, Damselfly, Pulse, Redgrave and many new talents.  So don't feel you will suffer too many withdrawal symptoms. Granted I shop far less, some say that is a good thing, My inventory for one is much smaller, in Sl my hair folder, Yes I finally got round to putting it all in a folder, is probably bigger than my inventory in Inworldz. Oh how I yearn for the Haute Couture of SL, but I am happy for now to lead a far simpler life. OK! so some may say its vain, but I like vain, show me a girl who doesn't own many pairs of shoes, here we just own less. The picture here shows what you can achieve with a little patience and far less Lindens.