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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spare a Moment!

Today I was talking to  a wonderful human being, here she may be an Avatar but she is also a person. Her name is  Fayandria UaNeill, and Fay I am delighted to say landed in my Virtual Life recently. Fay is on a mission and I for one support her. 

I quote:

"I discovered InWorldz from reading a friends profile that had moved over here; I decided to try it. It is amazing and I now call it my virtual home but, to the point. I am a Relayer and I need to draw a battle line and fight cancer where ever I am! It is fighting the good fight on one of thousands of battle lines with cancer drawn in every city, town, or hamlet. But, I want to fight cancer right here, on this battle line called InWorldz. I join my voice with yours - we must fight cancer wherever it is found. I want to volunteer for battle please."

Fay will forgive me for paraphrasing. BUT she is right Trust me you will get to know this Ladys name of that I have no doubt. So please take note of the title of my Post and SPARE A MOMENT.