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Friday, 9 March 2012

Baptism of Fire, or creation of a Noob

Today I have been thinking about how I arrived in Inworldz. This is a very different virtual world from Secondlife. On arrival you rezz as a noob! yup complete with orange hair, boobs red top and purple trousers. Promptly still in shock you are greeted by a *Mentor*. It best to allow this kind person to take you to the welcome centre to get you kitted out in freebies. A Mentors job can be a thankless task but they are all genuine friendly people, despite Crys of * I am a guy why do I have boobs*. When you recover from the shock, bearing in mind *you* have probably spent years and not inconsiderable Lindens in making yourself the height of perfection, you will find this world welcomes you with open arms. What people actually talk to you, and don't seem to have a hidden agenda or axe to grind. Yes!! and again Yes!  if you can over look the odd glitch, bodies folding in half, inventories getting *stuck* and No physics, God folks make such a fuss about having Physics. You will find this World will embrace you and take you to its heart.. Now I really do need to find more hair. To be continued