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Thursday, 19 April 2012

April in London

Well its certainly April, I don't think it has stopped raining for days now. So what better to do than go explore this wonderful world.. Well I landed in London Yes London, my sorta home town. Planet London to be exact. What a superb place this is. I like to wander around on my own and explore. Thats Virtual World incase yr unsure.  This great build is amazing. Made by Sade Trafalgar. Yup of the Nelson Column fame. Shrugs. She has great shopping and the place is awesome.. Never seen the streets so clean No pigeon Poop anywhere.. Go explore this place for yourself. You will love it. No dancing in the fountains thats and arrestable offence now...

Sade Trafalgar 

Planet London - Feel The Vibes, Trafalgar (132, 207, 2998)