Friday, 18 May 2012

60 Years and still counting..

Eh no not me I am far younger.. But we are in the grip of Diamond Jubilee and Olympic fever..  So I decided to show you a cute Tshirt I found. It was made by RockCandy and they have a number of funny slogan shirts, go check them out.

Spare a thought for me this weekend Knee deep in Her Majestys finest, its a dirty job but someone has to do it.. I am ready Ma'am...

Hair - Emotions Heather dark read
Nails - Exotique Rainbow Nails
Skin - Redgrave Moon Tan
Shape - Own
Skirt - Redgrave Jeans Mini Skirt Black
Shirt - RockCandy Redheads so it better 
Jewellery - Qin Silver Wire Mesh Cuff
Earrings - Emotions 
Background  - Adventure Island