Monday, 11 June 2012

Pink to Make The Boys Wink!!

Well its still raining and raining and quite frankly I am very tired of it. Do not try to tell me we have had our Summer and I missed it.

Today I went exploring and found this really pretty Sim, Caleidoscope, My Childhood Dream lovingly created by Violetta Biziou.

Skin -  Redgrave Tan Skin/smokey,
Lashes - Exotique Lush
Nails - Exotique India Emerald
Hair - A& A Meg 5
Top -Posh Gingham Top Pink (New Release)
Jeans - Razorblade jacket  
Shoes - Stellar Bandana Flats Pink
Jewellery - Qin Silver Wire Mesh cuffs - ebony