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Thursday, 20 September 2012

48Hrs & Counting

Well its nearly here, and I can not wait. Off to sunnier climes, but I am going to miss our autumn here, Hey ho a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Meanwhile the Lovely Mz Trafalgar has taken a couple of shots of my Regions Clare & Dawson City. I reckon she has done a pretty cool job. See what you think.

Waiting Clare Island Eirinn Inworldz

Iron Horse Dawson City Inworldz

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

“The biggest art fraud of the 20th century” Scotland Yard, London

Well after a stunning summer of sport. Yuck usually I really can not stand it, but I have to admit I was totally captivated with it. I am now back to RL with vengeance. Working on a new Museum exhibit, titled:

The biggest art fraud of the 20th century
Scotland Yard, London

Its a very fun cool story and totally true. There are alot of questions to answer who is wrong and who is right. A debate to continue..

So I have been out and about enjoy the following. Taken at Dawson City. Yukon INW

Dawson City

Skin -  Redgrave Moon Tan Skin/smokey,
Makeup - Coco Rocha Shine on Me Runway Lipstick Runway
Lashes - Exotique Lush
Hair - Damselfly SableII
Top -Posh Racer Acid
Jeans - Legal Insanity camo pants -kakhi
Boots - SF Rancher Brown
Jewellery - DK Emo Bracelet
Earring - Exotique -India Earrings black
Glasses - RG Eyewear Olifia
Hat - Drifter

Friday, 7 September 2012

Take A Look Now Take A Closer Look

Rare I cross RL with VWs but I have to tell you about this latest signing. Stuart McAlpine Millar, Artist in residence at the Savoy. Did u know an artist in residence has his picture hang there for 100 years, quite an achievement. He is creating 8 paintings to feature in their iconic foyer Check this guy out he is going to be huge.