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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hubble Bubble Toil & Trouble!

Halloween is nearly upon us, "Double, Double toil and trouble, Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble". While your thinking about that I have been out and about seeing what halloween goodies I can find.

Inworldz are hosting their First annual Halloween Fright Fest, 4 regions are full of wonderful halloween things. Inworldz finest builders have been hard at work for this event. Be afraid very very afraid and hurry on over dont miss this awesome event.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Knickers To You!

 Missing the Caribbean sun.

While the cats away the mice have been playing, and I was thrilled to find this by the delectable Sade Trafalgar, who describes herself as a Corned Beef Sandwich with Mustard!! me she describes as a Pickled Onion and Cheese.. Ok thats a first Never have I been compared to a Sandwich..

Shoes: POSH

Girdle and Stockings: Sade Trafalgar Lingerie

All Items found in Inworldz