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Friday, 25 January 2013

January, sick & tired, you been hanging on me.....

Well its cold and dreary outside, and I am having my usual January clear out. I start each year thinking this one is going to be better, and mostly they are.  I am fortunate to share a rl with some fantastic people and count my blessings daily. I am even more fortunate to share my Virtual World with some awesome talents and unique characters. Take this post as a big Thank you to all of you for sharing your life with me in all worlds.

I have recently discovered the talents of Southie Allen, her bio I note states * I build weird shit and share it with Inworldz* She has been exploring Malice@Riot - Inworldz a place I hold close to my heart. Malice was born from the mind of Sade Trafalgar. Boys thats some Mind!.She lovingly placed every Chemical ridden brick in place. Southie I reckon you will fit in just fine. Southie has take a few pics of this great place and its lovely to see another persons take on it. Southie has also her own store where she sells great textures and fun builds. She is having a bit of a sale so be sure to check her out you wont be disappointed.

Courtesy of Southie Allen