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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Worldz New Beginings

There seem to have been some new interest in Inworldz lately. Largely I suppose due to Linden Labs path of self destruction.

We have recently been visited by some well known creators and bloggers from that other big grid. I for one am delighted with this. I have been able to dig out my Iz and go shopping.  With the advent of Mesh there is now a wide variety of new clothing on offer. Oh the Joy.. This isn't to say we did not have anything decent before we did. We have always had some superb Creators, some establish SL names and some Home grown.

I am a firm advocate for change and choice. We are Not SL and nor do we want to be. Move with the times people and take a look. The future looks bright.!

Lashes - Exotique 
Hair - A & A Meg
Lipstick  -Naim06
Skirt - Onyx Black Mesh
Top - Onyx Baggy top Mesh
Boots - Deviant Clara Mesh
Panties - Random Rosie Batz
Jewellery - Posh Shambala & Feng Shui
Earring - Posh Primworks Suya