Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dont Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much Of Today!

Lets take a moment here, Virtual Worlds seem to be a haven for Drama. Or are they! Drama is what we allow it to be. Don't give much thought to Yesterday get on with Today.

I am not really given to Evening dresses I am more a legs and heels gal,  but I thought I would share this cute number from Evies Closet.

Eyes - Deviant Human Mesh
Lashes - Exotique 
Eye Liner - Birdie
Hair - Mina Patricia
Nails - Exotique Rococo
Dress - Evies Closet Coppelia Blush
Shoes- Similar Verona
Panties - Epique Hearty
Jewellery - Posh Shambala & Feng Shui
Earrings -Aze Pearl Drop
Rings - DD Frack Red
Collar - Evies Closet Celebration