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Friday, 25 April 2014

You become what you believe..

It has been an interesting week RL I am currently working with a Artist whos reputation precedes him. A Rolling Stone gathers no moss. Yeah its a clue. About all I can say for now but watch this space. 

I love my virtual home, I count myself very lucky to have found Inworldz. I found SL back in 2004, yes a long time. Pre Xcite to be exact, I cut my teeth on RP and Live Music for most of my time in SL. I made the move to Inworldz a few years back now I am delighted to say our world is growing daily. Its a good place to be, folks are friendly and we have many great places to explore, and new designers too. A Girl is spoilt for choice now. It is constantly evolving and I know it has a bright future. I for one am sticking around.

I am fortunate to own a number of unique sims and one of my favourites is a great RP Sim called Riot. Its a Hardcore Urban RP sim. Its dark its seedy! and is a great place to take pictures. Malice is the town and its set after a Chemical Spill from the local factory. The streets are empty and evil waits on every corner. The story is waiting to be written. Take a visit and write the story.

A Town Called Malice