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Monday, 30 June 2014

Home On The Range..

Can one really have too much fun... 
When life gets pretty hectic I just enjoy hanging out at my Ranch with the horses.

The Lazy G
@Bali Hai Inworldz

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Town Called Malice.....

Yes Malice, that is the name of the town, of course these days no one remembers why it was called Malice and no one cares much at all. The name of the town is irrelevant to most, but if ever there was a better name it was this one..... You simply have to be there to feel the evil that lurks in the streets..

The scene has been set, The Story begins.....

Malice @ Riot 

Monday, 23 June 2014


I have nearly finished my latest residential land KingWood.. This is themed around the English Countryside. 

The cock is crowing, the stream is flowing, the small birds twitter, the lake doth glitter, the green field sleeps in the sun.

@ KingsWood

Lashes - Exotique 
Eye Liner - Birdie
Eyes  - Real Eye Green Mesh
Lipstick- Naime
Hair - Magika Sweet
Glasses- Epique Nerd
Nails - Exotique French
BootsPosh Hide Noire
Pants - Emo-tions Survivor
Vest - Emo-tions Survivo
Jacket - Emo-tions Survivo
Panties - Epique Hearty
Jewellery - Posh Shambala & Feng Shui
Earrings -  Emo-tions Survivor
Rings - DD Micin

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Filthy Few..

BocaDoro is home to the Scurvy band of Pirates known as the Filthy Few.

The men watched the eerie, rolling mass of black clouds reaching from the SouthSeas and prayed for the wind to pick up. Trapped in the dead calm of the BocaDoro Strait, the ships sails hung limp and useless. The Story continues:~

BocaDoro @ Inworldz

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Superior Man Is modest in Speech but exceeds in Actions!

Jack has been out and about in Inworldz and I reckon he is looking pretty damn good. He is the strong silent type so I am taking the luxury of speaking for him.  There are some very cool places Inworldz to visit now. We are fortunate to have many talented builders. There are many amazing builds. Sometimes its super cool to just open the map and Tp blindly. You never know what you will find. If you do happen to Tp into a private residence or region you are more likely to be met by someone with time to chat and tell you about this pretty cool world we are fortunate to share.

Hangmans Noose
@ Dawson City 1890 Inworldz

Skin - Redgrave David Tan Goatee Hair
HairBryce Coals
Eyes  - Real Eye Green Mesh
Jumper Shirt - Redgrave
Jeans- DE Design Rune Sport
Boots- Redgrave Aviator Loafers