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Saturday, 25 July 2015

I know its been a while BUT...

Ok so its been a while, frantic busy in all worlds.  In Virtual Worlds folks come and go. I guess its like that in real life also. It seems to be the *want it now generation* Longevity would appear to be a thing of the past. I am glad to say I am a *stayer* ( some would say for too long sometimes) I hate quitting with a job half done so lets dig our heels in and get it done.

So to business. 
We have been working on a new project for sometime now Inworldz. The Lanes! As usual this is a unique build from Veronika Garzo. I have to say Veronika never ceases to amaze with the quality of her builds. One of the joys I have in Virtual Worldz is having an idea and watch someone turn that into reality. To quote Veronika,

 "The creation of The Lanes sim has been somewhat organic and evolutionary in nature.  It was effectively, borne of free flowing ideas from both Cherry Charlesworth and myself and it grew, piece by piece, section by section into what I hope is a natural and flowing layout, reminiscent of real streets, in a real town. The textures of sandstone, brick and cobble tones have been created specifically and uniquely for this build. They are tonal and soft, designed to compliment each other and to run seamlessly from building to building. without stark contrast"

We also have our own website for it which sets it apart from your usual stuff. More details on this later. 

My heartfelt thanks to Nika for persevering and finding a way to translate what is in my head into these stunning unique places.