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Thursday, 30 July 2015

LovingInworldz 2 x 2

Hello Again.
Inworldz has recently started offering 2 x  regions. Suffice to say you get 4 full size regions with 12k prims each for a monthly sum of $85. The detailed explanation of them can be found at;    Inworldz  

This has provided me with an opportunity to rework the estate. My profile says I have now been here for 1496 days (over 4 yrs). So its about time. Inworldz for me has just really evolved from an idea, into an Estate of over 30 sims. Each is themed around the English Countryside, my home. Its a photographers dream who knows whats round the next corner. You are welcome to sail, fly, ride or walk and take your time dont miss anything.

Our new Estate office is stunning another winner from Veronika Garzo. I really do love this place.
Why dont you take a trip over to Inworldz take a look around at how far we have come. I am sure you, like I will love it and choose to make it your home.