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Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Duckpond

Its raining cats and dogs! translates to "its raining alot" - oh it must be August another famous British Summer.  We Brits really do have some superb sayings, which we mainly refer to as Slang.

Bobs your uncle - which translates as "there you go" Now obviously bob isnt your uncle but rest assured he was someones.
Bugger off - translates to "Go away" thats the nice version there are several others
Chin Wag - translates to "have a chat", that is one of the more obvious ones
Hows your father - now this is interesting, it is a euphemism for " Sex"

So do be careful dear friends when you ask a British person "hows your father" you really do not know what your asking. A smack would  most likely offend you...

Inworldz have just introduced their 2x2 regions, which really are 4 sims each with 12k prims. More details can be found here. Inworldz  This has allowed many in world to increase their land holdings making for more space to build on. Thanks to this policy I am delighted to introduce "The Duckpond". Most will know that my Estate has been built to the English Countryside theme unique to Inworldz. England is full of quaint villages of elegant cottages. Villages with the traditional Duckpond at its heart next to the finest of English Country pubs. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Quintessentially English..

Definition of quintessential in English: adjective
"Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class" 

As most of you know I am British and extremely proud of the fact. I really do celebrate the best of what Britain has to offer. From Fish and chips, Roast dinners, queueing, apologising, taking tea, having a sense of humour, and a  few we would rather forget, Eddie the Eagle, Vindaloo(the song not the curry) well maybe the curry too, and finally Misspelt graffiti... If you do not get the last one it would indicate your probably from my part of the world.

I am delighted to say Charlesworth Estates is coming together wonderfully. This has been possible due to Inworldz releasing 2x2 regions. The Estate is set on an English theme with all regions following this. It is possible to sail, fly, ride or walk the entire estate. An English country path links most of the regions where you can wander and and explore every view being a photographers dream.